Our Team

Arts in Motion is a non-commercial website that is run by a team of volunteers who want to make a difference in the world. There are currently 3 people helping to run the site. Arts in Motion would not be possible without the unyielding support from our fans and community here in Seattle, Washington.

Who Are We?

Tim Jacobson – Director of Operation

Tim has been involved in art in some form ever since he was a child. Growing up, he was called a prodigy and went through accelerate programs in U.K. and trained under some of the most talented artists in the London art scene. Now he wants to spread his knowledge and innovative ideas in order to further art education throughout the world through Arts in Motion.

Pamela Nguyne – Graphic Designer

Pamela is a fierce artist who specialize in digital art form. Currently an undergraduate at University of Washington, Pamela loves art and volunteers on Arts in Motion to help create various graphic assets for the website.

Solomon Patel – Tech Support

A tech wiz. Helps run our website so the artists can work without a hitch! A real recluse in nature, he lives in the mountains of Eastern Washington state and works with satellite internet in a cabin.

Janette Malarkey – Editor in Chief

All our content on this site are written by talented writer, Janette. She researches, writes, edits and publishes all articles like a machine!