Latest Mobile Game Cheats and Hacks

Pokeland Legends

Many interesting games have been launched in 2016. Games like Pokemon go have already thrilled the world with their new features and now we have Pokeland Legends another great game. This game allows you to walk inside a magical land, where some horrible things are taking place. You must be a warrior to battle against dark forces.

Oz Broken Kingdom

Among several other recently launched games, Oz Broken Kingdom is receiving good response from the players. It is an RPG game that comprises elements of the trading card games. You can play this game on both Android and iOS smartphones and tabs. Do not judge this game by its name because there are multiple amazing things you can do in it.

My NBA 2k17

The basketball game lovers across the world have been waiting for the release of My NBA 2k17. Finally, now it is out and you can play it on both iOS and Android devices. This seems really amazing that how people got crazy about this amazing game.

Marvel Tsum Tsum

Marvel is responsible for bringing many superheroes in our life. Its superheroes like Captain America, Ironman and Hunk are quite popular among the people. All the famous comics and movies produced by Marvel have got huge response across the world. Now is the time to enjoy a game in which you can collect all the Marvel superheroes, assemble them and fight a battle against the supervillains of Marvel comics and movies.

Super Mario Run

No-one can forget the excitement and pleasure of playing Super Mario. The maximum kids of the 90s have played this awesome game. We have got many other games to play with the revolution of the gaming consoles and that’s how people had forgotten the Super Mario. Fortunately, now this amazing game is back in a fully new way and now it is called Super Mario Run.

Star Stable

Expert developers of this age are developing various high-class games for both smartphones and gaming consoles. Millions of people across the world are playing the latest Smartphone games for time pass. Many new real-life adventure related games have been launched in the last few months and the Star Stable is one of those games.

Gordon Ramsay Dash

Have you ever dreamed to spend some time as a star chef? Play Gordon Ramsay Dash and your dream come true. This is an amazing game that takes you right into a modern kitchen of a restaurant. Yes, you cook there, you serve there and then you collect the payments from your client. Gordon Ramsay provides you points for your excellent performance in the kitchen and that’s how the game goes on.

Rival Fire

Can you be the deadliest rival for your rivals? Install and play Rival Fire, if the answer is yes. This game introduces many epic battles in which you can play live games against other players from different countries. You can team up with your friends to beat your rivals quickly.

Primal Legends

Primal Legends is one of the top-rated Smartphone games. This amazing game features some great animated characters as the warriors. This game allows you to play against many other players and score better points against your rivals.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ninjas have always attracted teenagers and youngsters towards their adventurous life. The ninjas have been filmed in many movies, TV shows and cartoon shows. You may also have played several Ninja games on your gaming console, but now you will learn the way of becoming a Ninja.