Hack Your Art Skills in the Virtual World of Avakin Life

One of the advantages enjoyed by virtual games like Avakin Life over the real world is the ease of performing any tasks without the physical constraints. Deemed a virtual world slash social networking platform, Avakin Life is all about emulating life and even doing something that may not be possible in real world. One of the key features that I enjoy when playing Avakin Life is being a famous artist and a socialite.

You see, in the world of Avakin Life, it is important to acquire as many Avacoins as possible. This highly coveted in-game currency is the focus of many people and I found the best way to accumulate them as quickly as possible was by selling my virtual artwork in the game. In the game, you can become anybody short of your imagination. I always gravitated towards becoming an artist and for good reasons: it let me practice digital painting and also get Avacoins that I can use to buy more materials in game.

Besides using something like Avakin Life hack & cheats that can generate unlimited Avacoins, being artistic has served me well in the world of Avakin Life.

Despite what many may think, Avakin Life has a fairly robust art creation in-game software. Not super intuitive but good enough to create some awesome pieces in a short amount of time. One of my favorite things to do in Avakin Life is to work on a set of thematic artworks then host an Art Gallery Event at my vitual house.

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