Arts for Children

Importance of Learning Art for Children in Modern Society

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Gone are the days when Fine Art was considered to be a mandatory part of curriculum in schools; it was just about teachers teaching their students drawing, painting, theatre, music or sculpture. There are many public schools where arts as a subject is not considered important; then a few budget cuts across the country a few years back forced many public schools to either limit or completely stop their arts programs. These schools pay more attention on core subjects such as reading and math; however this practice can have serious consequences on those children who have innate talent and are inclined towards arts.

Not giving due attention to arts in this modern society could easily deprive students of building up their creativity and imagination. And in today’s world where competition is so tough and children have exposure to so many things, it is highly important to allow young children to express themselves however they feel comfortable. There is a need to understand that some children are just not about grammar and grades; they have other talents that make them artists. Read more

The Best Art Studios for Children in Seattle

child-frolickingEarly childhood educators always recommend that parents engage their children to do some artwork. Dabbling in arts and crafts is essential for children since the art helps in developing the creativity of children.

There are many places where parents can bring their kids to do some arts and crafts. And if you live in Seattle, Washington, and then, here is a list of the best art studios where parents can take their kids.

Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio

Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio is located in 7526 20th Avenue NE and has been in existence since 1989. It also has the Ravena studio which has been operating since 2004.

There are two preschool art programs available in this art studio. Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio also offers evening art classes for teens, tweens and even adults. It also has art classes for early childhood as well as art classes after school for elementary pupils. The art classes offer different kinds of mediums such as collage, painting, sculpture and even drawing. Read more