Amazon School Rewards Program

Amazon School Rewards Program used to be a part of Associates Program. However, they are no longer offering such service. But just to give a background, it has pretty much been a very helpful tool for fundraising especially for schools that need extra money for their endeavors.

Basically, any non-profit organization such as schools, alumni associations, churches, and charities may join the Associates program. Currently, what happens is that those who sign up profit from Amazon’s experience by earning up to 10% advertising fees with trusted e-commerce leaders. Joining is easy. Just sign up using this link: and choose “Join Now for Free”. It is recommended that you create a separate e-mail address solely for Amazon Associates Programs to ensure that you could manage the transactions better. Also, keep in mind that a Federal Tax ID is needed to register. In case your organization earns greater than $600 annually, Form 1099 shall be issued on the address you have provided. For some instances, individuals just get the income and they are the ones who handle the independent donations to the beneficiaries they want.

In the past, for schools, they usually use the program as fundraisers. All they need to do is to give their school’s shopping link to the Amazon shoppers they know. This link is unique to the school so for whatever purchase they do, no matter how much the total bill is, Amazon pays the school 10% of all the purchases.

amazon-fund-raise-schoolAll it takes is a clock to the unique SchoolRewards link by the shopper. For an avid supporter of a school, it is a good idea to bookmark his link and make use of it for future shopping. The more shares and clicks the link gets, the more profit the school gets. Summing up the steps, all it takes is click on the school’s link, shop, and check out.

This is a great opportunity to help organizations. But as said earlier, such program is not available anymore. There’s an alternative to this though. Amazon is promoting its program called AmazonSmile which has quite the same concept, only that the customers get to choose which charity they want to help among a list of them.

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