Is Animal Jam safe for my kids to play?

Is Animal Jam safe for my kids to play?

Animal Jam is a unique and exciting online playground specially designed for kids. All those kids who love playing outdoor games and are interesting in animals find Animal Jam not only entertaining but also very informative. The game allows children to create and customize their own animal characters. The game also offers free online chatting between friends who can team up to set out on different adventures.

However whenever something involving online interaction and chatting comes out for kids, there is one question that every parent wants to know the answer to, is the game safe for children? If you want fast tips on how to play Animal Jam, here is a working Animal Jam cheats for free diamonds codes and membership accounts.

animal-jam-charactersWhat does the Video game say?

According to the website’s help center of Animal Jam the manufacturers have taken your kids’ safety into account and have taken important measure to ensure it.

Here are a few safety measures you should know about;

Online Chatting Safety

The cyber world is huge and you can simply not know if the person on the other side of your chat is a sexual predator or a friendly 80 year old elderly person – the truth is you can never be too careful. According to the manufacturers Animal Jam has been equipped with highly developed chat filters that prevent and block any inappropriate chat messages of language.

However the help center also says that even though the game makers have done their best to keep the chat clean but a few unwanted message may get through. The best way to monitor chat is to sit with your child and make sure nothing inappropriate comes from the other side of your kid’s chat.

Here are a few ways using which you can apply chat filters:

Restricted Chat

You can limit the dictionary from which your child can type words in his or her chat session. Animal Jam’s default chat filter is restricted chat which can be changed later on.

Bubble Chat

It prevents the players from typing at will; your children can only select words from an already-approved list of words.

Safe Chat

This option allows the players to chat whatever they want; however the typed messages get filtered by the game makers through their own filters. However the risk of a few unwanted words getting through is relatively higher with Safe Chat.

animal-jam-imageParental Controls

It goes without saying that all online or video games designed for children must have proper parental controls. Animal Jam, to keep the parents involved, offers parents their own Dashboard from where they can monitor their children’s chats, in-game online activities and accounts.


All the in-game reports and activities are moderated by trained Animal Jam moderators who take quick actions to address any inappropriate activity or chat by any player. This service is available round-the-clock.

Player Blocking and Reporting

The game allows players to report or block other players. These actions prevent the child to continue on with the game without having to interact with the offender. Another great feature is that the players have the option to lock their den, which prevents any strangers to enter your play area; this way your children can play with only with those players who are on their buddy list. Players can also block and then remove players from their buddy list as well.

Game Privacy

Animal Jam ensures complete privacy by blocking advertisements outside of the game, which prevents the children from seeing any inappropriate pop ups or ad pages.

Sponsored by National Geographic Kids

Animal Jam is sponsored by a very well known network of National Geographic Kids, a fact that can satisfy many parents and guarantees maximum safety for your children.

Safe or Not?

All the above mentioned features and the fact that National Geographic Kids sponsors the game make Animal Jam, on paper, quite safe for your children; however you must always monitor your child’s online activities no matter how secure your parental filters are or what the game claims.

The main reason for your involvement is that according to many reviews, adults also play the game and participate in chatting. Many incidents involving sexual harassment have been reported by parents, which in many cases have not been taken care of by the gamer makers.

Parents who believe in full research before allowing their children to get involved in any online game have found disturbing forums and websites where adults ask inappropriate questions about the game, indicating their wrong intentions and purpose for playing Animal Jam.

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